#MakeArtWhileApart project

Supporting local artists to bring colour to our community.

Supporting local artists to bring colour to our community

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Restaurants and shops may be boarded up, but through our partnership with the Vancouver Mural Festival our city is a little more colourful. By joining forces with local artists and businesses, together we've turned these blank spaces into murals. 

As a sponsor of the Vancouver Mural Festival, we've supported over 40 muralist who've brought their art to Vancouver through #MakeArtWhileApart. And we're just getting started.

Art with purpose

Supporting local artists

Ian Kaart 

"We are all together even though we’re apart and it’s the support we have for one another that makes all the difference."


Aimee Young

"I wanted to make it abstract shapes and bright colours to try and bring bright feelings into the mind - to help fight away the negative ones.”


Nick Gregson 

“People are really recognizing the importance of this project. The neighborhood might be closed down, but it's still so full of life.” 


Supporting local artists
Generating income for artists in a time when there is little work.

Beautifying our communities
Providing light to spaces that are boarded up due to the pandemic.

Sharing hope for small businesses
Offering uplifting art to businesses that are making the difficult decision to close.

Providing art for our business members

We will always work with you to avoid you having to close down your business. In our current reality, a closed business might be the only safe choice. We're here to provide our members access to a local artist, free of charge. We hope that this will help make a tough choice a little more beautiful.

Are you a Vancity members who has recently boarded up your business? If you'd like an artist to paint your storefront, please get in touch.

Let us know

Will Philips

"I wanted to paint heroes- the frontline workers who are helping our city. To capture the bravery and solidarity of these folks who are putting their lives on the line."


In partnership with the

Are you a business member who's had to board up your store front? Would you like to lend your walls as a canvas for a public mural at no cost to you? 

We’re looking to paint the town and have a limited number of opportunities for Vancity business members on a first come, first served basis.

Connect me with an artist

Artist: @_aimeeyoung

Artist: @sketchbork

Artist: @iankaart